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Here at StreetP.C. we like fast rides.  We specialize in both domestic and imported performance.  If you have in questions about anything automotive, just drop us an e-mail.  Enjoy the site!

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What's New?

06/01/05--New pictures for Project Vindication Posted
02/03/06--Bossy 70's stock block cracked
03/29/06--Laughing Gas has Paxton 1200 installed
04/05/06--Bossy 70's new short block is ordered
04/12/06--Laughing Gas drops a valve from nitrous
07/31/06--Bossy 70's gets Dart Iron Eagle Block : )
09/25/06--CSU Carb for Bossy 70
03/22/07--Bossy 70 replaces Paxton 1200 w/ Vortech T-Trim
07/08/07--SDime gets wireless remote for AirRide

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