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Street Performance Central

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The Car Collection

Here are some cars, some belong to friends, and others belong to viewers of the website.


"Dark Horse Racing Team" at Turkey Run 2004 in Daytona, FL.  1970 Mustangs are owned by Nathan Morris and Allan Settles.


2003 Ford Lightning not owned by Brian Skrine.....upgrades include MAC muffler and tips, K&N Filter Kit, and Nitto Drag Radials
1/8 mile --- 8.6 sec


SPC's Future Project Mustang....a BOSSY 05


Brian Skrine sold the Lightning and is now driving this 2004 Pontiac GTO with LS1.  No modifications times yet. Maybe soon!


1985 GMC Jimmy owned by Allan Settles...Lowered...Lighting...STEREO...BASS!

Jonathan Jones' 2002 Ford Mustang Picture coming Soon!

If you have a nice looking car...e-mail us a picture of it and we will upload it to our site!  Include your name and e-mail address, and any other info that you would like to include.